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Uptown Cleaners is a family-owned and operated business. Amish Patel and his wife Arpna Patel are both second generation Dry Cleaners. They bought Uptown Cleaners in March 1999 and opened Uptown Cleaners at El Cortez in July of 2000. They then expanded in 2005.

The basic process of Dry Cleaning is the same in most cleaners.  What sets us apart is the attention and care we put into each step and the positive attitude we provide.

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Drop Off

From the moment your garments are dropped off we take the extra step to make sure we can do our best.  All garments are placed into our computerized inventory system.  Garments are inspected before they are cleaned for pretreatment, during the cleaning process, and after the cleaning process.


Then, we inspect the general condition of your clothes, checking the manufacturer’s care instructions, noting the fiber content, looking for unusual or designer buttons or accessories, possible color loss, holes, etc. and note any special attention needed. 

Items requiring any type of special consideration are kept separate and receive an extra tag specifying those instructions: pre-spot, wet clean, leather trim, timed special, etc.

We prepare your garments prior to cleaning as necessary for protection: covering or removing buttons, securing shoulder pads, etc. Garments are separated according to fabric type, color, and degree of soiling.

Dry Cleaning

It takes an experienced and skilled spotter to know what spots can be safely removed, and how best to do it. The key word is safely! What’s the point of having a spot removed if the color is removed too or the chemical causes a hole and ruins the garment?

Our expert spotter at Uptown Cleaners removes spots safely because they know what to use, how to use it, and when to stop (before any damage is done). They have dozens of chemicals and tools at their disposal. They clean each garment according to its specified care instruction, and of course, when certain items such as a beaded evening gown, an angora sweater, or jacket with leather trim, that require individualized special care and handling, it is treated as such.

Finishing Touches

The pressing of fine garments also requires special, expert and care. Different fabrics are handled differently, and our knowledgeable and experienced pressers carefully hand finish your clothes according to their special needs. Sizing and other finished are re-applied when necessary or as requested.

Some fabrics, like linen or cotton, usually require more heat and pressure for a nice, crisp finish, while fine wools and wool blends require a soft press to avoid a shiny finish.

The Little Extras

  • Zippers are checked.  If it’s stuck or rough to zip, we put a little zipper wax on it and boom...it’s an easy slide!
  • We notice the tiniest details...down to the finest holes. There is a small charge for special handling, such as removing and resewing fancy buttons or other ornaments, etc. If major repairs are needed, we will call to inform you of the charges and to see if you want it repaired, if it’s not previously arranged.
  • Any lint remaining is carefully removed to finish the job!
  • Jackets and blazers are hung on hangers with a shoulder guard. A plastic guard is used in front when necessary to hold the lapel in place.
  • Most items are bagged separately. Pants, skirts, T-shirts are put two or three to a bag.
  • Belts are pinned onto the same hanger with the matching garment.
  • Two-piece outfits, such as a suit, are bagged together in the same bag.
  • Ties are put on tie boards.
  • Regular sweaters are carefully folded and placed in a plastic bag.
  • We never leave the invoicing tags on your Dry Cleaning.  We remove all invoicing tags and never staple anything to you Dry Cleaning Garment.


Final Inspection

Finally, all garments are inspected again with precision before leaving the assembly area. If a garment doesn’t pass inspection, it’s returned to the appropriate station until our full time quality control inspector is completely satisfied that you’ll be pleased.

Drop Off
Dry Cleaning
Finishing Touches
The Little Extras
Final Inspection
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